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Several reasons to wash your windows right now

Window washing is quite frustrating for everyone, it takes a lot of time and effort. It is also often dangerous, especially if it's a window on a high floor. However, this procedure is necessary and has to be done several times a year. Wiping windows should be done regularly as well, in order to make your job easier in the future.

Date: 2016 March 30
DIY window caulking - yes or no?

Windows and doors have gaps. About two thirds of the heat escapes through a badly insulated window. Gaps might seem minor, but a 0,07 inch space around window's perimeter sums up to almost a 4 inch hole! In this case window insulation is the best solution, the first thing you need to do to prevent heat and humidity from escaping. It doesn't take a lot of time and allows you to save a lot of money on home heating and cooling costs (up to 14 percent!), especially considering that it's usually about 65 percent of the total electricity bill.

Date: 2016 March 14
Five reasons that will make you want to clean your gutters immediately

Gutter cleaning is very important! A house requires regular inspection, so you need to schedule maintenance projects, and gutter cleaning has to be one of them. Since there are multiple reasons for clogging like leaves, pine needles, etc., cleaning may be required several times a year.

Date: 2016 March 10
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