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DIY window caulking - yes or no?

Windows and doors have gaps. About two thirds of the heat escapes through a badly insulated window. Gaps might seem minor, but a 0,07 inch space around window's perimeter sums up to almost a 4 inch hole! In this case window insulation is the best solution, the first thing you need to do to prevent heat and humidity from escaping. It doesn't take a lot of time and allows you to save a lot of money on home heating and cooling costs (up to 14 percent!), especially considering that it's usually about 65 percent of the total electricity bill. Also, home climate control systems work better, and being green and helping the environment comes as an added bonus.

There are a couple of window caulking technologies and truthfully they all are easy DIY. But every one of those methods has its advantages and disadvantages. You have to research everything very carefully and spend a lot of time and energy to do everything right. You can choose materials only when you have all the information available. Is the material mold, fungus and weather resistant? What about toxic fumes? What is every material's life expectancy? How much material do you actually need? That is just basic information you are going to need.

Furthermore there are nuances that need to be taken into account. Good ventilation, for example, one of the very important points. If you caulk windows, you can prevent loss of air, but the air should circulate inside the room. Also, sometimes double window frames are installed (for further reduction of energy consumption). In this case, the outer window is usually not insulated, because it may crack due to the temperature difference between the outdoor and indoor usage in extreme cold.

That and a lot of other things have to be taken into account before you try to caulk your windows yourself.

That's why we offer you our services. You don't have to worry about what materials to use - acrylic or silicone. Spend a lot of time looking for leaks around the house. Remove old caulk before applying new one. Look up YouTube videos, because even how you cut the caulk tube matters! And after all that work find yourself without a caulk gun, because you forgot to pick it up at the store? Contact us and we will quickly and professionally caulk your windows for you. Especially if you found out that you're going to be needing a caulk gun as well only a second ago.

Date: 2016 March 14
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