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Five reasons that will make you want to clean your gutters immediately

Gutter cleaning is very important! A house requires regular inspection, so you need to schedule maintenance projects, and gutter cleaning has to be one of them. Since there are multiple reasons for clogging like leaves, pine needles, etc., cleaning may be required several times a year.


Top five reasons why gutter cleaning is necessary:

  1. Gutter system's life expectancy. Gutters, that are regularly cleaned, last at least twice as long.


  2. Risk of damaging the roof. Blocked gutters lead to moisture accumulation and, eventually, rotting roof. Also, in hot regions and summer time dry leaves can cause fire.


  3. Blockages prevent water's normal flow. Water can overflow, causing wall dampness or even erosion around a house foundation.


  4. During cold seasons, blocked gutters collect water that freezes, putting immense pressure on the system. The whole gutter system can fall down, causing a lot of damage.


  5. Formation of the harmful environment that contributes to infestation of pests such as spiders, cockroaches, mosquitoes and even mice!


You can clean gutters yourself, but not everyone can handle it, plus it's extremely unsafe. You can trust our experts! We know the perfect time to do the work, use professional equipment and are qualified to inspect systems for possible damage.

Date: 2016 March 10
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