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Several reasons to wash your windows right now

Window washing is quite frustrating for everyone, it takes a lot of time and effort. It is also often dangerous, especially if it's a window on a high floor. However, this procedure is necessary and has to be done several times a year. Wiping windows should be done regularly as well, in order to make your job easier in the future.


Here are several reasons to wash your windows right now:


  • In large cities pollutants consist not only of dust, but also a variety of chemical particles that are the result of the work of transport (dirt on windows is especially noticeable on streets with heavy traffic), industrial enterprises, etc. All this is bad for windows' condition and reduces their life-span.


  • Window glass provides high sunlight and heat transmission - 89% and 86% respectively. This can help you save up on electricity significantly - turn on your lights later in the day due to the fact that sunlight comes better through clean windows, and save up on house heating because of the heat coming into the house through windows. In order for heat not to leave the house during cold seasons, we also recommend window caulking.


  • Appearance. Clean windows look beautiful and affect the image of your business or home, making them look more presentable. Professionally washed windows are transformed into a transparent veil, giving the impression that a room is much larger and brighter than it actually is.


  • It has long been proven that lack of sunlight is bad for your nervous system. Washing windows and letting a little more light into a living room or your office - means lifting up yours and others' mood, and not add unnecessary stress into your life (especially during seasonal depression). Amruss inc. can't help you cope with stress associated with the arrival of all of your noisy relatives for holidays, but we're happy to help you make your home cleaner and brighter for their arrival.


Contacting professionals means being sure that work will be done in the shortest possible time and as carefully as possible. We use cleaning products that are suitable for your type of glazing. Our modern equipment and experience help us ensure that your windows stay clean for a long time, without leaving streaks and damaging the glass. Contact us and we will happily replace you with a "scraper" in your hand, trying to wash the outside window on the top floor, with one of our highly qualified (and brave) employees.

Date: 2016 March 30
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