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Window caulking

Amruss Home Improvement offers exterior window caulking. Worn, old, weathered or cracked caulking can cause inefficient heating and cooling. Take advantage of our offer and give your windows a fresh seal.

Price    :          

$20 for 1 window (any size),  

minimal charge $100 or 5 windows,

6-10 windows - %10 discount,  

10-15 windows - %15 discount,  

15-25 windows - %20 discount.        

Removing of old caulking is included in the price.

Summer special for July & August

    • $195.00 for exterior caulking of up to 15 windows
    • Deal includes removing old caulking
    • Valid for crank-out or double-hung windows
    • Materials, labor and white caulk are included
    • Valid toward any home up to two stories; deal may be applied toward larger homes for an additional fee

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