When it comes to house washing, there are several methods available, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. It is important to understand the differences between them in order to choose the best option for the various surfaces in your home. The two main methods are pressure washing and soft washing. They provide effective cleaning, but are suited to different types of surfaces and tasks. Choosing the right method can make a big difference to the preservation and appearance of your home, patio or fence.

What is the Difference Between Power Washing and Soft Washing?

When choosing a home cleaning method, you should consider the characteristics and features of each one. This way, you will protect your home from unexpected damage.

Pressure washing

Represents a cleaning method that uses high water pressure to remove dirt, mold, and other contaminants from hard surfaces. It is an effective cleaning method for concrete walkways, patios, and fences. High pressure can deal with serious dirt quickly and effectively, but using it on more delicate surfaces can cause damage.

Soft Wash

Involves the use of low water pressure combined with special cleaning solutions. This method is ideal for delicate surfaces such as roofs, siding, and wood structures. The special solutions effectively remove contaminants without causing damage. Soft washing preserves the integrity and appearance of your home while preventing the damage that can occur with high-pressure cleaning.

Benefits and Best Uses of Each Method

Each method of house washing, whether pressure washing or soft cleaning, have their own benefits and are designed to accomplish specific tasks.

Pressure washing is:

  • fast and effective cleaning;
  • removal of stubborn contaminants such as mold, dirt and grease stains;
  • saves time over large areas.

Effective for cleaning concrete walkways, driveways, brick walls, patios made of durable materials, stone and metal fences.

Soft wash is:

  • safety for delicate surfaces;
  • effective removal of mold, algae and other organic contaminants;
  • prolonged effect of cleanliness due to the use of special cleaning solutions.

The best method for cleaning - roofs, especially those covered with shingles or slate, vinyl and wood siding, painted and wooden structures, decorative facades and moldings.

Choose Us for Your Home Washing Needs

The importance of choosing the appropriate method is undeniable. Pressure washing is ideal for cleaning hard surfaces quickly and efficiently. It tackles the most stubborn dirt, saving you time and effort. Soft washing, on the other hand, provides gentle and safe removal of dirt from more sensitive surfaces. The use of special cleaning solutions helps to keep your home clean and fresh for a long time.

The choice between washing methods depends on the type of surface and the nature of the dirt. Our company, Amruss Inc. in Chicago, has years of experience and professional equipment to perform any type of home cleaning service. We know how to choose the right washing method for each case to ensure a perfect clean without damage.

Contact us for professional washing of your house, patio or fence. We guarantee high quality services and attentive approach to each client. Make the right choice and trust your house cleaning to the professionals!

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