An indispensable step in the sidewalk paver process is the selection of the right paver joint sand. It plays a crucial role in ensuring the correct alignment of paving segments, stable joints, optimal gradation, and long-term performance of the entire paving system.

Amruss in Chicago specializes in delivering professional paver joint sand services. Our company stands as a dependable partner in crafting enduring and aesthetically pleasing road surfaces and sidewalks. Our expert specialists bring extensive experience to the table, ensuring top-quality work for your project.

What is Pavers Joint Sand?

Sand for pavers is an indispensable component for paving pavements, sidewalks and concrete blocks. It is a special polymer jointing sand used to fill gaps and joints between cobblestones, paving stones, concrete blocks and other sidewalk elements.

Conventional polymer is also the most popular type of asphalt sand. This type of sand is mixed with polymers that, after installation and moisture, create a durable and flexible material, replacing regular sand. Its use provides excellent resistance to weeds, prevents moss growth, and inhibits insect infestations. Polymeric sand is often used for laying sidewalk pavers and other surfaces requiring resistance to freezing and thawing.

In the end, the correct choice of paver filler and its quality are crucial aspects of ensuring the durability and aesthetics of sidewalk pavers and other road surfaces.

The process of the service is as follows: power washing, cleaning of grass and moss. 

When the paver surface has completely dried, the paver is carried out:

  • filling the gaps using a broom and blower;
  • fixing the sand using water for chemical reaction.

Can be TAN and GRAY color 
Also sand stays in the gaps 1 year and more (depending of the traffic) 

Our expert paver sand installers perform this work diligently and with adherence to all established standards, ensuring the beauty and longevity of road surfaces.

Advantages of Block Paving Jointing Sand

Paver sand offers several advantages:

  • Structural Reinforcement. It provides stability and durability to road surfaces and blocks, preventing their displacement.
  • Gap Filling. It effectively fills gaps, preventing weed growth and insect intrusion.
  • Drainage. It contributes to proper drainage, preventing puddles and water stagnation.
  • Aesthetic Appeal. It imparts a professional and finished appearance to road surfaces and sidewalks.

Paver Locking Sand Service

Why choose our company?

When it comes to paver sand installation in Chicago, our company is a reliable choice. We offer:

  1. Professionalism. Our specialists have extensive experience in the field, guaranteeing high-quality work.
  2. Personalized Approach. We tailor our services to your specific needs, providing solutions that match your project.
  3. High-Quality Materials. We use only the best materials, including polymer fillers, ensuring reliability and durability.
  4. Competitive Prices. We offer competitive prices and transparent service costs.

Professional work is a critical factor in the construction or renovation of sidewalks, ensuring the long service life of sidewalk pavers. Whether you need filler for paving or joint sealing, Amruss in Chicago is always here to make your road surface reliable and attractive.

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