In every home, the bathroom is not just a functional space, but also a place for rest and relaxation. But what should you do if your bathtub has lost its original appearance and is covered with cracks, chips, rust, or stains? Buying a new bathtub is an expensive and troublesome decision. There is an easier and more economical way - restoration.

We are an Amruss company that specializes in bathtub restoration in Chicago and the suburbs. We have been in business since 2004 and have thousands of satisfied customers who have appreciated our professional and quality work.

Why Choose Bathtub Refinishing?

Bathtub restoration is the process of restoring the surface with special materials that give it a new color, shine, and smoothness. It has many advantages over replacement:

  • It's quick. Bathtub replacement can take days or even weeks, while restoration takes 2 to 4 hours, depending on the method and condition of the tub. 
  • Cheap. Several times cheaper than buying and installing a new one. You save not only on the tub itself but also on the labor for removal, installation, plumbing, and finishing.
  • Quality. Restoration returns a smooth and even surface with no cracks or chips. Prevents yellowing, rust, fading, and tarnishing. With proper care, it will last for more than 5 years. 
  • Beautiful. While bathtubs are typically found in a classic white color, you have the option to customize the color to your preference. Choose from a variety of colors, including white, black, red, blue, green, and more, to achieve the perfect look for your bathtub. Additionally, you can achieve a gorgeous mirror-like glossy finish using a unique pour-on technology. This method provides a stunning, reflective surface, adding a touch of luxury to your bathtub. Moreover, this versatile material can be applied to tiles, transforming your bathroom into a beautiful and cohesive space.

Restoration with Amruss is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution. The result will be indistinguishable from its original appearance. Why spend more on a new font when we can restore an old model, saving you money and resources?

Our Bathtub Refinishing Process

Our restoration process is carefully designed and customized for different types of bathtub materials, whether cast iron, acrylic, or others. We transform an old font into a work of art while preserving its structure and functionality.

Stages of restoration include:

  1. Surface preparation. Thorough cleaning and preparation of the bathtub surface: removal of the old coating, sanding, and degreasing.
  2. Repair of defects. Any defects and damages are repaired using high-quality materials, guaranteeing the durability of the result.
  3. Coating. Application of a special coating that provides not only durability but also aesthetics.
  4. Finishing touches. The bathtub undergoes a finishing treatment, giving it a perfect look and natural shine.

We use two main restoration methods to restore bathtubs.

Glazing a bathtub

Glazing a bathtub is an elaborate process that involves several key steps. The first step in the process involves surface preparation, where any necessary removal of the old coating, specifically addressing peeling paint, is carried out. Other surfaces will be prepared using sanding, followed by a comprehensive cleaning.
Then we proceed to the application of a special glazed coating.

This method is characterized by a number of notable advantages:

  • significantly improves the appearance;
  • gives a fresh and long-lasting shine;
  • improves the durability of the bathtub;
  • prevents scratches and chipping;
  • provides high hygienic properties, making the surface more resistant to dirt and bacteria.

Glazing is suitable for cast iron, steel, or metal bathtubs. It takes about 4 hours and dries within a day.

We use only the highest-quality glazing materials in our work, ensuring durability and excellent results. This allows us to provide a service that meets the highest quality standards

Types of Bathtubs We Refinish

At Amruss, we specialize in the restoration of different types of bathtubs, bringing newness to them and restoring them to their pristine appearance.

  • Cast iron bathtub restoration is our skill. We restore their durability and elegance, including scratch and chip removal.
  • Our experts provide flawless acrylic bathtub restoration, restoring shine and remaining resistant to damage.
  • Steel bathtub restoration includes complete surface restoration, giving them a unique appearance and extending their lifespan.
  • Our professionals expertly handle concrete bathtub restoration, rejuvenating them to their original appeal, and are experienced in applying restoration techniques to various materials including cast iron, acrylic, porcelain, ceramic, and concrete.

Benefits of Bathtub Reglazing

When you decide to upgrade your bathtub with our services, you get not only a beautiful appearance but also a number of other significant benefits:

  1. Economic benefits. Saving your money is one of the main benefits of glazing.
  2. Extended service life. Glazed coating not only gives your bathtub a new look but also extends its lifespan by preventing early wear and tear and damage.
  3. Eco-friendly service. Restoration using quality materials not only saves resources but also helps to reduce the overall environmental impact.

By choosing Amruss, you are betting on quality and reliability. Our services will save you money, time, and the environment. Trust us to make your bathroom a place of total relaxation and comfort once again.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Is a Refinished Bathtub Durable and How Long Will It Last?

A restored bathtub is highly durable, provided it is properly maintained. Our restoration processes are not only aimed at renewing the appearance but also the structural components. With proper use and care, a restored bathtub can last for many years. We do not recommend using aggressive solutions for cleaning to keep the coat last longer.  

  • Can Bathtub Refinishing Fix All Types of Damage?

Our professionals specialize in this area and have extensive experience in bathtub repair and repairing various types of damage, from scratches and chips to cracks and stains.

  • What Should I Do to Prepare My Bathroom for Refinishing?

Preparing your bathroom for restoration is an important step in the process. Recommended:

  1. Clear the space. Make sure the bathroom is clear of personal belongings and items, which will make it easier to access the tub.
  2. Surface Cleaning. Perform a thorough cleaning of the tub to remove soap, mineral deposits, and other contaminants. This will ensure a more effective and durable coating.
  3. Ventilation. Ensure the bathroom is well-ventilated to allow the coating to dry quickly after the work is completed.
  • Can I Change the Color of My Bathtub During the Refinishing Process?

Yes, bathtub restoration not only includes restoration, but also the option of changing its color. We provide a wide range of shades and color solutions to meet all customer preferences.

Why Trust Our Services?

At Amruss, we pride ourselves on a high level of professionalism and quality services. These include, first and foremost:

  1. Staff Qualifications. Our technicians are highly trained and experienced in the field of bathtub restoration. We are constantly training our staff on new technologies and methods to provide the best possible service.
  2. Quality of the Product. The product was tested in the lab and has a certificate. The manufacturer also provides a 5-year warranty on the product.

Our Bathtub Refinishing Prices

We understand that price is an important consideration when choosing bathtub restoration services. At Amruss, we offer competitive and transparent pricing. The price of bathtub restoration and the cost of resurfacing depends on various factors, such as the material of the bathtub, the extent of damage, and the options chosen. We offer customized approaches and flexible payment options to make our services affordable for every customer.

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