Chicago's suburbs have many beautiful fences that enhance the beauty of homes and landscapes. However, over time, they become dirty, mossy, or moldy. They become unattractive and sometimes even dangerous. 

For those who value cleanliness and the preservation of their property, Amruss Home Improvement is pleased to offer fence washing services in Chicago and the surrounding suburban Illinois areas. We work with a variety of fence types of any height and complexity.

Our experience and professionalism make our team one of the best in the area. We understand how important it is to have a beautiful and clean fence around your home or office, and we are ready to provide you with our best services.

Is it OK to pressure wash a fence?

Pressure washing a fence is an effective and safe way to keep the structure in good condition. If you need a professional company offering pressure washing fence cleaning services near you, contact Amruss Home Improvement. We specialize in services in the area and provide our customers with quality and long-lasting results.

The step-by-step process of the fence power washing service is as follows:

  • Our specialist will visit the object at a convenient time for you. The technician will assess the scope of work.
  • Preparation. Cleaning of structures from large contaminants.
  • Washing with a professional high-pressure machine with the use of various nozzles allows us to select the optimal mode of operation.
  • We use special sprayers that allow the surface to be sprayed quickly and evenly.

A competent, professional selection of technology and equipment in each case helps to avoid damage to the surface of fences and keep them in good condition for many years.

This type of cleaning offers many advantages: 

  • effectively removes all types of organic  dirt and even old paint;
  • restores color and shine; 
  • restores a pristine appearance;
  • eliminates harmful microorganisms, preventing material degradation;
  • protects against repeated contamination;
  • helps extend the life of the fencing;
  • saves you money in the long run.

How Often Can the Fence Be Pressure Washed?

The frequency of washing depends on many factors, such as climate, environment, type of construction, level of soiling, and the desired result. However, in most cases, cleaning is recommended at least once a year. 

Our company offers a professional service using modern detergents and equipment, allowing us to quickly and qualitatively clean fences from any contaminants. 

The advantages of our service are as follows:

  1. Many years of experience and professionalism.
  2. The use of modern equipment and environmentally friendly detergents.
  3. Individual approach to each client.
  4. Competitive cost of fence pressure washing.
  5. Guarantee of quality and customer satisfaction.

Trust fence washing to the professionals, and your fence will always look like new. Make your home or office more attractive and well-maintained with our service. Contact us, and we will be happy to help you keep your property in perfect condition.

To book a service, give us a call or leave a request online.

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