Exterior house painting is not only a way to protect it from external factors but also an excellent solution to improve the outlook of your home and refresh its appearance.

Amruss is your reliable partner in the field of exterior house painting in Chicago, IL as well as Chicago suburbs. To achieve the perfect result, our company uses only the highest-quality materials and advanced technology. Our specialists have years of experience in this field and can handle any task, from simple painting to complex repair work.

What is exterior house painting?

Exposure to sunlight, wind and rain can cause the walls of a house to darken, crack and even deteriorate. Regular maintenance of the house is therefore an important task for every homeowner.

When choosing paint for the exterior of your home, our specialists consider the following factors:

  • Surface type. Different types of surfaces require different types of paint: special brick paint for brick walls, wood paint for wooden surfaces, and others.
  • Operating conditions. If the house is located in a high-humidity area, we will use a paint with increased moisture resistance.
  • Color. When choosing the paint color, our specialists take into account the overall style of the house and the landscape of the property.

The professional painters at Amruss carry out the entire process of exterior house painting in accordance with accepted standards and norms.

Surface inspection. Before starting work, our specialists carefully inspect the area to assess the condition of the walls and determine the necessary tasks.

Surface preparation. The next step is thorough surface preparation. This allows the paint to adhere better to the wall and prolong its service life. This stage includes the following tasks:

  • filling cracks and doing other preparation work 
  • cleaning the surface from dust and dirt.

Please note that amount of the coats  they may vary depending on a few factors, such as previous color, condition of the surface and customer choice. 

The choice of working tool depends on the type of surface and the amount of work. They can be rollers, brushes or sprayers. The process is completed by a quality assessment and inspection of each detail, which will ensure that the result meets the customer's wishes.

Advantages of Exterior Painters Near Me

It is quite difficult to independently perform the work of updating and protecting the the house with quality and speed. When it comes to exterior house painting, choosing local painters has its advantages:

  • Convenience: the proximity of our painters allows you to get to work quickly.
  • Knowledge of local conditions: we are familiar with the peculiarities of house painting in Chicago as well as Chicago suburbs and adapt our methods to local specifics.
  • High-quality work: experienced professionals have the necessary skills and knowledge to perform work in order to achieve the best possible results. We use top-of-the-line materials and tools to make your house look stunning.
  • Time-saving: professionals in their field complete the work quickly and efficiently. 

By ordering house painting services from Amruss, you can be sure that your home will have a beautiful and durable outlook. By using the services of professionals, you will get a quality and durable result.

Home Painting Services

By choosing Amruss for exterior house painting, you will get:

  1. Individual approach: we take into account your preferences and requirements.  
  2. Experience and professionalism of our team of painters.
  3. Quality results: we guarantee excellent paint quality that will last for years. Our painters take pride in their work, and we provide a warranty for all our services.
  4. Competitive prices: we offer affordable prices for our services and always take into account your budget.
  5. Timely completion: we value your time and complete the work within the agreed-upon deadlines.

We are sure that our specialists will realize all your wishes. Call us at (847) 307-5230, and get a free estimate today!

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