The front porch and terrace of your home are welcoming ambassadors. Maintaining a pristine and top-notch appearance is crucial for creating a lasting impression. When it comes to porch, and patio washing services, Amruss Home Improvement is the premier choice across Chicago, Illinois, as well as the Chicago suburbs. Our unwavering commitment to excellence ensures satisfaction and relaxation for all our valued clients.

What is deck power washing?

The service includes the following steps and activities:

  • preliminary assessment;
  • removal of debris and leaves;
  • applying detergent to the surface;
  • pressure washing the porch or deck;
  • detergent removal;
  • inspection of results 

Additional options may be available, such as sealing the washed surface to protect it from future contamination or coating it with special protective products.

How to Clean a Deck and Porch

Our experienced technicians carefully examine the surface of your patio or porch to identify features and choose the most effective cleaning method. This includes:

  1. Preparatory work. Removal of items that may interfere with the work. Cleaning and washing away surface debris.
  2. Detergent Application and Pressure Washing: Application of special detergents to the surface by pressure washing to effectively remove dirt, detergent, and organic stains, if present.
  3. Finishing Treatment. Thorough rinsing of the surface with clean water to remove detergent residue and dirt, which helps to prevent the formation of stains and streaks.

The effectiveness of the procedure is immediately visible. 

DIY vs. Professional Porch and Deck Power Washing

Performing the work with your own hands is a labor-intensive process that requires a lot of time and effort. You will need to prepare the necessary materials and tools and perform all the stages of cleaning yourself. Professionals will be able to do all this work far more efficiently than homeowners.

Professional porch and deck washing has a number of advantages over self-cleaning, which are due to:

  1. Using professional equipment: we have state-of-the-art equipment, specialized supplies and the knowledge to achieve perfect results.
  2. Saving time and effort: we complete the task quickly and efficiently, freeing you from hassle.
  3. Taking care of your property: Our staff treats your property with care, minimizing the risk of damage that can occur when working on your own.
  4. Affordable prices: our porch and deck washing services are reasonably priced, and you can always ask us for a pressure washing quote.

When you choose Amruss Home Improvement, you are voting for reliability, professionalism, and a guarantee of quality. Contact us today, and we can safely and efficiently clean any type of porch at your convenience. Make your home even more beautiful with us!

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